CrossFit Pulse sets out to change the way our local community views fitness and provide the highest levels of personal training and group coaching. We have a passion for leading and inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves.

We want to empower people through long-term, sustainable, and meaningful results.

We are a positive community…

… of everyday people who have come together to live their best and healthiest lives possible.  This is achieved through a professional coaching staff that has a broad base of knowledge and years of experience. CrossFit has a unique built in support system, life-long friendships are made under our roof. These friendships become your accountability alongside your coaches.

One Pulse One Community

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Coach Mal is CrossFit L1 and L2, and CPR/AED certified.  Mallory has been active from a very young age. She began playing soccer at the age of 3. She tried a few other sports in high school but went on to play collegiate soccer at Shorter University where she holds the record for All Time Assists in a game, season, and career.  After she graduated from college Mallory looked for an athletic outlet and for a short time pursued long distance running but found that soon lost its appeal. Mallory found CrossFit in July 2010 and knew it was the next chapter in life.  But before she could blink an eye she became a mother in 2011 (Emerson) and again in 2013 (Cooper).  A year later she qualified and competed in the 2014 CrossFit Games South East Regional.  

Cam is CrossFit Level 1, Endurance, and A-EMT certified. Cam has always had a fitness lifestyle that started early in life. He joined the military at eighteen where his passion for health and fitness was truly cultivated. He loves being a part of CrossFit and it’s life changing effects.

Bryan is CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Barbell, CrossFit Football, and a Bigger Faster Stronger strength trainer. He is also a High school football coach at Eagles Landing Christian Academy. Bryan believes that it is important to live a healthy lifestyle spiritually as well as physically. Bryan has competed in the CrossFit Games for four years representing CrossFit Pulse.
Alex has been CrossFittin’ and Coaching for almost four years.  His favorite aspect of CrossFit is how well it keeps him in tip-top shape to be a life saving fireman.  When this hero isn’t in the gym clangin’n’bangin or saving kittens he enjoys traveling to exotic destinations with his awesome wife.  If Alex is coaching your class you know you are safe and that your gonna have a good time.  If you see him be sure to thank him for his service!
David has multiple years of CrossFit, Nutrition, and Human Movement experience. He has a baseball and football background, a love for the outdoors, and stray dogs.  David is an excellent coach and all around fun dude to have in the gym.  When he isn’t in the box he loves spending time with his wife Makayli and saving lives as a FireFighter.  Next time you see him in the box give him a hug and tell him thanks for all he does.
Marc got his CrossFit L1 in 2014 and has been coaching ever since. Years of competitive archery have given Marc an eye for form and intricate movements that are crucial to a healthy body. CrossFit has enabled him to turn his life around after years of being overweight. He is able to use his own personal experience to motivate others to make healthy sustainable lifestyle changes.
CrossFit has been a life altering experience for MCat. It found her at a low point and positively changed the way she thinks, feels, and looks at life. She got her L1 in 2013 as well as the CrossFit Kids Cert. MCat enjoys spending time at the gym getting fit with friends.
Troy has been active his whole life. He played youth and high school sports, specifically football and basketball. Troy is a US Army veteran and has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a track in Human Performance. He attended his first CrossFit class in 2013 and shortly after began to coaching in 2014. The main reason he got into coaching is that he loves to help people set and attain their goals. Troy might possibly be the most positive person you have ever met!

One Pulse One Community

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